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Nicholas P.

A-Z Physical Therapy is the only place I would go for rehabilitating injuries. I had a serious surgery to my ankle, and Dr. Kaltsou (Olga) brought me back to walking in a very short time. She knows the body’s physical systems extremely well, and her facilities and equipment are very cutting edge. Cannot recommend it highly enough. (Google Review)

Meredith K.

Dr. Kaltsou is amazing! She helped me to manage the pain in my shoulder with simple exercises that really strengthen. When I went in I could barely reach for an item on a table or fall asleep because my rotator cuff was in so much pain. Now I have full range of motion again and I’m getting better at certain movements that were impossible before. She is really invested in her patients as people and cares about their overall well being, not just about their injury. I highly recommend A-Z Physical Therapy and Wellness. (Google Review)

Caitlin G.

I had the good fortune to see Olga recently for postpartum back and neck pain. What immediately stands out in my sessions with Olga from other practitioners is how she integrates your personal life, both in narrowing in on your source of pain, and offering a realistic plan for treatment. In her assessment, Olga asks specific questions from my everyday life “how do you pick up your baby?” and “how do you hold him when you nurse?” She then smartly considers my life when going over suggested exercises, instructing me to “perform this movement before a shower or when washing the dishes” or this stretch “when you return from your walk”. Givin game a plan that is actually workable in my daily life is so important for a new mom with limited time (and brain space!). (Google Review)

Sasha D.

The best physical therapy I’ve ever got. Olga is an amazing specialist with a personalized approach to every patient. I came to her with a whiplash neck problem after a car accident. After 2 months of intensive physical therapy I’m feeling much better, the pain is gone and my neck functionality is fully back. BTW, Olga’s massages are amazing. I would highly recommend this place for a physical therapy! (Yelp review)

Bianca C.

I came to Wellness Rehab Center following a car accident with severe back and neck pain. I am a frequent gym goer and I was so sad/ scared that I wouldn’t be able to workout again because of my injuries. I put my healing in the hands of Olga and I couldn’t be happier to say that I am 100% pain and injury free after a short 8 weeks. After each session I saw progress. Tracy and Olga both dedicated themselves to my recovery and for that I am forever grateful. This business earned its 5 stars from me and (although I hope I never have to) I would go back for treatment without question. Highly recommend. (Yelp review)


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