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Are you 60+, have morning joints stiffness, back and neck aches, hip or knee pain that prevent you from walking as much as you want and do what you love to do or you notice you need to grab a piece of furniture to help you walk between rooms? If it’s about you, it is time to consult with a specialist – geriatric physical therapist.

We perform a thorough evaluation and develop a precise program to help restore your strength, range of motion, improve mobility and balance to build your confidence and remain active as much as possible. All of this is contributing to physical abilities for adults 60+ and help them maintain their independence for a longer period of time. Older adults also benefit from physical therapy to avoid falls, which is the greatest risk they face every day. Moreover, falls may result in a fracture or cause a downward health spiral. Physical therapy is useful to increase muscle strength, endurance, improve balance and gait to avoid falls. However, if a negative event occurs, we aim to restore your functional activities to its highest level and prevent life-long disabilities.

Our Physical therapist’s design an individual program with interventions, including different modalities, exercises, education to effectively treat various common for older adults conditions, as well as specific diseases. Among them: arthritis, osteoarthritis, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, urinary and fecal incontinence, and cardiac and pulmonary diseases, coordination and balance disorders, joint replacements, hip fractures, functional limitations related to mobility, orthopedic or sports injuries.

We love working with older adults, they always have sapiential stories to tell.


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If you feel unsure about physical therapy right now or you don't know if it’ll work for you, please feel free to schedule a discovery visit, in-person or virtual. This is a free, no obligation consultation for you to determine if we are the best people to help you.